46 Days.

    It’s not worth posting the weights of the puppies anymore. They are all huge and way over 10lbs. In fact the majority of them are heavier than both Lilly and Bella when I brought them both home for the first time at 8 weeks respectfully. Why well good upbringing. Every single puppy in this littler has been hand reared with our help, we made sure that at every feed none of them was ever left out and now it shows.

    42-days-old27 42-days-old30

    Day 31 update

    Day 31: It’s all about how much time they can pester Mum for milk or bury their faces in a bowl of puppy food at the moment. Then there is the standard play time just before feeding, then sleep time just after. Interaction with humans is also on the top of the agenda.

    Ms. Yellow Ms. Yellow

    Day 25: The funniest thing now is that when Lilly enters the whelping box which is now only their bed, we have taken the front off to allow them to leave, they all run and jump and hang onto her teats, even before she can lie down. They all dangle from her with very little success feeding because they can’t reach fully; it is a very comical sight. Picture included below and I will post some video this weekend.

    Day-25-Standing-Feeding Day-25-Standing-Feeding-2

    Ms-Yellow-as-YodaDay 17 update

    Walking and talking that’s the order of the day today…!!!

    They are all up and about, walking around and when Lilly has finished feeding them and leaves the whelping box they start “Barking” just a little high pitched bark, but all the same a bark.

    They are also all putting on between 3 or 5oz a day, here are the new weights.

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